Why consider having a geodesic dome greenhouse?

Why consider having a geodesic dome greenhouse?

The geodesic dome is considered today as a very modern and technically complex structure, which many take advantage of its benefits and opportunities. The capture of sunlight and its design has made them an excellent option to preserve plants, so it is convenient to have a geodesic dome greenhouse.

If you are interested in having your own greenhouse, you are probably looking for the best option to keep it in the best condition. Currently there are many to choose from, however, those with a geodesic dome shape stand out for many advantages that make them stand out from other types of greenhouses.

A bit of history

It is estimated that the popularity of geodesic domes began between the 1940s and 1950s when their potential as a housing option began to be noticed. Engineer, mathematician and historian Buckminster Fuller considered geodesic domes to be the housing of the future.

Over time, this type of structure and its design was considered as an excellent opportunity to build a greenhouse and keep them in the best possible conditions as opposed to conventional greenhouses.

Geodesic domes are basically spatial structures formed by bars and nodes that aesthetically form triangulations, resulting in a spherical model. One of the most important characteristics of this type of structures is that they are rigid, resistant, but at the same time light and easy to build.

Advantages of a geodesic dome greenhouse

Geodesic domes are very beneficial because of their structure, especially when it comes to a geodesic dome greenhouse, since their characteristics allow to keep an urban vegetable garden in the best conditions for different reasons.

Rigid and resistant structure

Definitely the advantage of a geodesic dome greenhouse is due to its structure. This type of dome is much more stable than rectangular constructions, such as houses or rectangular constructions.

Thanks to their spherical shape, it has been proven that they are stronger and more resistant to phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes and more. Surprisingly, they are also more places and easier to move.

If you are built in a place with extreme weather conditions, a geodesic dome greenhouse will keep your urban garden in the best conditions, compared to greenhouses with rectangular roofs.

Better lighting and warmer air

A geodesic dome greenhouse, due to its shape and structure, better insulates incoming light, as it is refracted and remains inside the dome for much longer compared to other conventional greenhouses.

In addition, by containing more natural lighting, the dome makes the most of sunlight to generate a constant temperature level, which will keep your greenhouse in the best possible climatic conditions.


Conventional greenhouses, due to their construction structure, are much heavier than the geodesic dome greenhouse. The latter are made with lighter materials, so you could take it anywhere without a problem and start your greenhouse project anywhere else.

If you are interested in having your own geodesic dome greenhouse, make sure you find an online store that offers quality parts to make it really sturdy. There are different companies on the market that specialize in this type of dome that not only provide you with the materials you need, but also the tips on how to build them.