Never Ask What Day It Is Again

Never Ask What Day It Is Again

Often times when you get a calendar you not as excited as you were before you opened your gift. But when you get a calendar that s say “Doctor Who” themed it’s hard to be disappointed! These aren’t your grandmas calendars. Although, they have some of those too. has a little something for everyone. Something for every geek, nerd, or romantic in your family.

My family are HUGE doctor who fans, so this calendar is right up our ally.

The announcement of a new Doctor marked the beginning of a new era for Doctor Who. Since 1963, Doctor Who and his companions have been on time-traveling adventures. Doctor Who Wall Calendar captures the doctor’s greatest battles and his epic journeys. is so much more than calendars though. They have a massive selection of products. The geek in me is so excited to show you all these neat things!  Like this adorable plush Tardis. She even makes sounds and lights up. I have her in my car and push the button while I imagine I’m in the Tardis flying around space…yes, really. I told you I’m a geek.

Moving on to the other things that they have. GAMES! Yes so many games. Of course they have the geek themed ones as well. Like this amazing Yahtzee Doctor Who Dalek Collectors Edition. Most of the time when you have a board game you just put it in the closet , but with this game you’ll be displaying your Dalek for all to see. Of course it’s also a fun family game that is fun for everyone.

They have puzzles and books and just about something for everyone. Go check it out. You’ll never have to ask what day it is again, when you have your very own Doctor who or The Big Bang Theory calendar. This is a one stop shop for any occasion.



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