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Body Wave Hair Wig Collection Compilation- Wig Shop For Girls

Allove is a hairpiece company that creates, produces, and distributes a wide range of body wave hair extensions for an array of buyers in the hair industry. Whether it’s for fashion or necessary consumers, we do it all.

Hair Bundles Collection List

Black/Natural Hair Bundles For Girls & Women

  1. Hair Bundle Set Of 3 With HD Lace- Transparent

Brazilian tone wave human hair wig includes three 13*4-inch packages and HD clear lace forehead virgin human hair. The hue of her hair is a natural black. Hair bundles are available in lengths ranging from 8 to 28 inches. In comparison, lace frontals are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 20 inches.

  1. Natural Appearance Hair Bundles- Set Of 3

The Brazilian body wave hair wig includes three bundles of translucent Lace and a 4*4 closure. The hair utilized has an 8A rating. The texture of the hair is wavy. The bundles weigh 95 grams each, and the lace closure weighs roughly 35 grams. The wig is black in color and constructed of natural fibers.

  1. Deep Wave/ Crimped Curled Hair Bundles- Set Of 4

Allove Hair with Malaysian Body Wave texture comes with 4 Bundles of Virgin Human Hair. Hair color is natural black color, and hair grade is 8A. The length of the hair bundle is 8-28 inches, and the weight is about 95g/bundle.

  1. Long Hair Virgin Hair Bundles Set Of 3

Indian Body Wave virgin human hair from Allove comes in three bundles. The hair has an 8A grading and is natural black in color. Hair bundles’ lengths vary from 8 to 28 inches.

Natural/Black Hair Wigs For Ladies

  1. Hair Wig With Front Lacing

HD clear body wave hair is available in 13*4 lace front hair extensions wigs with a thickness of 150 percent.

  1. U Part Hair Wig

Allove tresses with wavelets quality Wigs made with 100% human hair U-part wigs are made entirely of human hair.

  1. T Part Hair Wig

Stunning transparent T-part lace front hair extensions wigs are available in natural black. They have the appearance of body wave hair.

  1. Hair Wig With Bangs

New shape waves maker with free part bangs, produced with genuine human hair. The color of the wig is natural black.

Colorful Hair Bundles/Wigs For Females

  1. Orange Ginger Hair Bundles (Set Of 3)

Color of ginger Brazilian body waves human hair is available in three bundles with lengths ranging from 8 to 28 inches. A double machine is used to make the hair weft. Hair weighs about 95 grams per package.

  1. Long Blonde Hair Wig (Up To 30 Inches)

Blonde hair in the hue 613 with a body wave texture. With a density of between 150 and 180 percent. This is a human hair lace front wig with a transparent front. It has a 10A rating, no significant shedding, the wig’s hairs do not tangle, and no noticeable foul odor.

  1. Long Ombre Highlight Wig

Wig with 5*5 proportions and a bright ombre hair color. It has a body wave human hair texture and an HD precise lace closure. P4/27 is the hair color code. Hair can be bought in lengths from 12 to 30 inches. Users can modify the color of their hair as well as redo it.

  1. Burgundy Hair Wig

The 99J crimson wig is constructed of 100 percent real hair and has a body wave lace part texture. The hair has a density of 150 percent and a grading of 10A.

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