How to Build LED Neon Light Signs

How to Build LED Neon Light Signs

You may have heard about diy LED neon lights, and as someone who loves to do these things yourself, you may want to try it. Well, there is good news: you can build your LED neon light signs independently, but you will need the right steps and tools. Remember that this process requires an electrical connection to work, so you must be sure there are no lapses in what you have built before you turn it on.  This article will describe what they are and some of the materials you will need;

What Are they?

Neon signs usually have gases like halogen or neon in a glass tube to work. So they depend on electricity to lighten up the gases. Suppose any part of the glass breaks, the whole gas escapes, and you will need to replace it entirely. LED neon lights, on the other hand, usually require less maintenance after the initial build so that they can be less expensive. To build a LED neon lights sign, you will need to follow the same process as the neon signage. This time, however, you are using LED lights for the build.

What Are The Materials needed?

An LED neon lights sign is not one of those DIY projects that you can try out with different materials to replace. You will require specific materials before you think of starting the process. Without any of these materials, it is almost impossible to build LED neon lights that easily. Some of the materials needed include;

  • The led lights: Without a doubt, this is the most crucial component in the whole design and material. You can choose these types based on the colors you are looking at. You can get the RGB LED lights if you want reduced light. Also, you can select the RGBW option if you wish to have multiple lights.
  • A foundational base: The signage you are trying to build will jot hang in the air. You will need a strong material where it will stand.
  • You will need a cutting material to cut the light into different options.
  • You will need a soldering iron to solder the light at some point.
  • You will need glue to put the light firmly on the base.
  • Thread is also a necessity to build your sketch before you start designing. You need to see what you are about to create before you build.

A step-by-step guide to making your LED neon lights

  • Do a design
  • Place design on a surface
  • Make an outline with thread
  • Cut light according to the outline
  • Put LED on the sketch to confirm the shape
  • Make holes
  • Perform soldering tasks in those holes
  • Hide connections
  • Glue with adhesives to the signage
  • Connect and use


If you have followed the steps described in this article, you should already be enjoying your LED neon light signage. These lights are some of the best options, and if you have installed them correctly, you will enjoy them for a long time. It is normal for you to make some mistakes on the first trial, but anywhere you get stuck, remember to follow the steps discussed above. Remember, YSD Power Supply provides some of the best LED neon lights for you!