Do's And Don'ts Of Pressure Washer

Do's And Don'ts Of Pressure Washer

Every appliance has the way it's operated,  how it's stored, and of course, how it's maintained. To enjoy the best satisfaction from these machines, you have to follow every listed guideline in using them. Pressure washer belongs to this category of devices used in most homes to clean stubborn dirt in and outside of the house, and this has been of great help to most homes as far as cleaning is concerned.

As satisfying as this appliance might be, it can also be dangerous if the guidelines are not followed correctly. In this article, we will discuss the do's and don'ts (guidelines) when using a pressure washer. This will increase the machine's efficiency and allow it possible for you to have a fantastic cleaning experience.


  • Practice In A Safe Location:When you purchase a pressure washer, it will take some time to get used to handling this equipment. The pressure of the water dispensed might cause damages you would not like. To avoid this,  it is better to practice with the pressure washer in a safe location, preferably outside the house.
  • Clear the work area:You are to clear the work area before working with this appliance in the area. Clear off breakable items and other electronic equipment in the area you're working on, and any object not movable should be covered before the space is used.
  • Start With The Lowest Pressure:Many pressure washers are capable of working at 4000 PSI (pounds per square),  which is capable enough to dent sidings, break off the cement and even strip paint off surfaces. Therefore it is better to start the machine with the lowest pressure before working your way up.
  • Wear Non-slip Footwear:This kind of information is often overlooked by many users but, the mixture of soap and water coupled with the pressure coming from the appliance can make hard surfaces slippery making it dangerous for whoever is making use of it. Therefore the use of non-slip footwear is strongly advised. However, if cleaning the rooftop, make sure we are anchored.


  • Don't Point The Outlet At People or Animals: The force by which the pressure washer releases water to wash off dirt is speed and force, making it so dangerous and can hurt any living thing pointed at when in use.
  • Don't Use Hot Water:Hot water is advised against into the machine when making use of the machine
  • Don't Pressure-wash Your window: As we have discussed earlier about the speed and force at which this machine dispenses its water, it has the capability of breaking windows if used on it. Therefore it is advisable to clean the windows by hand or employ the service of a professional window cleaning company.
  • Don't Use Harsh Chemicals:It is not advisable to use harsh chemicals with the pressure washer or damage the landscaping.


With these do's and don'ts (guidelines) strictly adhered to,  you can be confident of reducing accident risk if it isn't totally eliminated. The risk of accidents becomes so minimal if not entirely avoided. This article discussed these guidelines to enjoy your pressure washer and prevent future damages fully.